Drinking Coffee Rewires Your Brain For The Better

how to Make Your Own Coffee Brewing Water?

Why to make your own brewing water?

As we know, filter coffee is 98,5% water and 1,5% coffee so it’s really crucial what kind of water are you using to brew your coffee. Water hardness play a big role how your coffee is extracting; basically the softer water you have, the better extractions you will get. Also your water can be too soft what would lead to sour and winegary cups. To problem around the world is most often that the tap water is too hard. Too hard water will lead to over extracted, empty and dull flavours in the cup which no one definitely want.

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A Landmark in Turin’s Coffee Culture

Nowadays, Lavazza is not only Italy’s leading coffee company, but also one of the major coffee companies on earth, operating in more than 90 countries, both in the food-service and vending sectors. If you are a coffee lover, chances are high that you have had the pleasure of tasting Lavazza coffee. Here’s some interesting facts behind one of the most famous and legendary company in Italy.

The Soviet Times
  • Latte
  • Black
  • Cappuccino
The present situation
  • Red Eye
  • Flat White
  • Robusta


The History of Lavazza

Lavazza’s  history starts with a tiny grocery store which opened in the late 19th century by the company’s founder Luigi Lavazza. The unassuming store was (and still is) located in the cosmopolitan city of Turin on Via San Tommaso. Luigi began to become known for blending different coffees to suit the tastes of his customers, which made him very popular and helped him to build a loyal following. Over time, what once was a small grocery store turned into a coffee shop. Its specialty of toasting coffee beans and selling homemade coffee blends gave so much fame to this establishment that it eventually became Luigi Lavazza S.p.A and the formal coffee business began.

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